Protect First Fire Retardant Service LLC.

Your one and only source for all your Fire Retardant needs.

Protect First Fire Retardant Service, LLC  a fully licensed consulting, education and fire retardant application business.


What We Offer

Protect First Fire Retardant Service, LLC offers consulting, education and application services.

The consultation will consist of a thorough explanation of what your fire retardant needs are as well as what fire retardants will be used.

The education aspect will teach people about the different types of fire retardants that are available, and how they will save them, their families, pets, property and the environment.

The fire retardants will be applied by trained technicians who will be up to date with all local, state and federal fire codes as well as building codes.

For Protect First Fire Retardant Service, LLC there is no job too big or too small.


We will apply non-toxic fire retardant materials to any new residential construction, existing residents as well remodeling construction.


We will work with any commercial building. From manufacturing, to hospitals, to nursing homes, to schools.

Water Vessesls

Any water vessel, large or small, we can apply fire retardant materials.


We are able to apply fire retardant materials to cars, trucks, school buses, trains, RV's, mobile homes.


We will apply fire retardant material to any size plane.


Each year 100 of thousand of acres of land are destroyed by fire. These wildfires  also kill innocent wildlife as well as people caught in the path of uncontrollable flames. Through the use of fire retardant products designed to help prevent wildfires we hope to reduce the number of acres ,animals, and people that are lost each year.